Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yoga me this, Batman!

Well, I actually went back. This was my second attempt. I went to a different class on Tuesday, with a different instructor. I think it was easier, yet harder.

The instructor was a little difficult to understand. She was nice, but she spoke as though everything was one long run on sentence and she had to get it out all in one breath. Between trying to hear her, and understand what she was saying, and then decipher it in my head, while trying to balance myself in some contorted way that my body wasn't used to - well, I'm sure I looked like a fool. "Bendyourbodytodownwardfacingdogthenneestouchingyourtoesmovingforwardintoaforwardlungebackuptosunsoluteand

WTF? Did I hear that correctly?

At the end of the class, I think I detected an accent (possibly Australian?), which would have added to my difficulty following along.

But I was persistent. The group felt very welcoming, which was a big plus. Especially since I look like a walrus trying to do some funky ballet. I'm sure I'll continue to go to her class on Tuesdays. Got another I want to check out on Thursdays. Need to give this a good run before I decide to embrace it or give it up for something else.

ciao for now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tryin' sumthin' new

Maybe it's desperation. Maybe it's bravery. Maybe it's because it's my four-oh year (shit). I thought I'd jump in and try something I've thought about for a long time. I finally went to a yoga class.

It was pretty much what I expected. It started with a little chant (om), which was a little weird for me. But whatever. Not a deal breaker. While I certainly didn't expect it to be EASY by any means, but it was definitely a challenge. Within about ten minutes, I was sweatin' like a whore in church, as the saying goes. And I couldn't do but a few of the moves/poses. But I gave it a good try. Towards the end, I faded out pretty quickly. I just laid there sweating. I may have cried a little. I can't remember. But no one asked me to leave. Maybe they thought I was having a spiritual breakthrough. I felt a little strange at the end. I'm not sure how to explain it other than I just felt "toxic." I'm not even sure that I know what that means. But I felt like I needed more than a shower.

I left not sure if I liked it or not. But I felt like I got some good exercise, which was the goal. I decided that I'm going to have to go a few times to decide if it's for me.

Today I felt pretty good. I definitely slept better. I feel like I worked out yesterday. So it's a good thing. I did have to go buy a mat. But then Alicia made me realize that I think I bought a PVC mat. So much for eco-responsibility.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I don't travel enough...

I know this isn't "news" but it seems to have hit home lately. I really have some missed travel opportunites recently. And I regret them. Alicia, one of many fearless travelers I admire recently left NY, and I never motivated myself to go visit and see the city through the eyes of someone who has lived there for a long time. Mycroft, another friend, just moved back to the NY from Australia. Another missed opportunity.

Well, I was just handed an opportunity to go and visit the Dominican Republic with a friend who's from there. And this time I'm taking it! I'm getting excited about it, even though my Spanish SUCKS. But I'm sure it will still be fine. Hope to have lots of stories when I return. Only a few weeks away!