Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Doc

Went to see a new dermatologist today. They were SO good. He checked me over, got the cold can did a few things, then commented on this wrinkle on my forehead and said, “you know if you want, a little botox would take care of that.” I think he misread the semi-shocked look on my face – he probably thought I was a little insulted. “Think about it and just let me know.” Actually I just fell in love a little bit.

Didn’t have it done, but I should have asked (I always thought it would be really $$). Besides, I’m pretty sure Aetna’s not paying for that. Maybe I can make it a mental health case… LOL!

He was so good that he was even able to remove two small skin tags on my EYE LID! Yes, he had to stick a needle in my eyelid, but he was just that good. I was so happy I nearly peed.


Praers said...

BOTOX???? no way. I thought you were going healthy and now this??? OK I am done now. I really shouldn't comment since my midlife crisis is fast approaching - it's turkey neck and turkey neck with menopause. Hot flashes and a flashy hot car, the sign of the modern woman. But no botox for me - what you do is your business, unless you show it to the world like Suzanne Somers, then her business is everyone's business.

callenstewart said...

LOL!! No, I didn't do it. Probably not something I would ever really consider. It was just a little vanity moment. The whole idea of injecting yourself with poison is just weird to me. But, never say never I guess.