Sunday, August 30, 2009

My boy...

My boy..., originally uploaded by callenstewart.

Such a handsome boy.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Good morning.

It's been a while. I guess I just haven't had much inspiration lately. Maybe it's the heat. It's summer in Florida. Always a challenge just to stay cool.

I finally got to go kayaking with my friend Patti. It was our third attempt. The first time we tried to go, I ended up with a flat tire. The second time we actually got onto the water, but thunder and lightning in the area drove us out. Finally we made it out last weekend. It was the first time we went out together (maybe the first time for Patti-?). We had a really great time. We have another date planned for this month. And I may go out tomorrow too. I haven't decided yet. Lots of things to do around the house (as usual).

I took the kids for a walk this morning - last night's rain left the dog park really wet I'm sure. Not in the mood to deal with muddy dogs this morning. But we had a good walk.

I'm off to run some errands. Maybe go to The Spice & Tea Exchange. I need to pick up some Florida Sunshine for a friend of mine in WA.